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Idominika ya 30 yo mu mwaka. (Umwaka C)

IGISOMWA CA MBERE Ivyo dusoma mu gitabu ca Mwene Siraki (35, 15b-17. 20-22a) (Imana ntiyirengagiza igisabisho c’umukene) Umukama ni umucamanza atagira nkunzi. Ntatoranya, arumviriza riho uwugowe amwambaza. Ntakengera igisabisho c’impfuvyi, n’iminiho y’umupfakazi. Uwukorera Imana n’umutima wiwe wose, Imana iramwakiriza yompi, igisabisho ciwe kigashika mw’ijuru. Igisabisho c’umworo kiramena ibicu ; ntashobora guhozwa igihe atararonka ico asaba. … Lire la suite

We need to be always aware of God’s presence in our daily life. Stay focused on it.

st-lucHow do we respond when the world seems to be crashing in on us – when there is no justice and no apparent solution – when those we love are in pain or, worst yet, abandon us – when sickness overtakes us? It is so much easier to be faithful and confident in the rosy times in our life than when we find ourselves in the fire.

Paul’s life story was given to us specifically for those very trying times. In 2 Timothy, Paul was languishing in a cold Roman prison, his friends had abandoned him and his enemy, Alexander the coppersmith, had caused him a great deal of harm. Paul’s frustration was certainly evident, as is ours in our times of struggle. Yet through a closer look, we see that Paul simply left retribution to the Lord. He understood that even when his friends lacked the courage to stand with him, God never abandoned him, providing him with amazing strength and courage. That simple, yet profound realization equipped Paul to not only forgive his friends, but to pray for them – even as he faced his own impending death. The secret was the reality of God’s everlasting presence.

That profound realization can be found throughout the Psalms. God reminded David over and over again that he was not only with him, but was actually controlling his destiny. Like Paul, David experienced betrayal, injustice and persecution – some through no fault of his own and others


Le Congrès sur la Miséricorde Divine au Rwanda s’est conclu par l’acte de consécration du Continent africain à la Miséricorde divine

Du 9 au 15 septembre 2016 s’est tenu à Kigali auprès du Sanctuaire de Kabuga, le 3è Congrès de l’Afrique et Madagascar sur la Miséricorde divine sur le thème : « La Miséricorde Divine, source d’espérance pour la nouvelle évangélisation en Afrique ». Parmi les participants à ce Congrès se trouvent des Cardinaux, des Evêques, des prêtres, des … Lire la suite

Ku wa 18 Gitugutu : Luka Mweranda, Umwanditsi w’Inkuru Nziza. Umusi Mukuru.

IGISOMWA CA MBERE Ivyo dusoma mw’ikete rya 2 Umutumwa Pawulo yandikiye Timote (4, 9-17) Mwananje, Bandanya uze unsange ino udatevye.  Nkako Demasi yarampevye kubera urukundo rw’iyi si kandi yigiriye i Tesalonika, Keresenti na we yagiye mu Bugalati, Tito muri Dalumatiya. Luka ni we gusa twasigaranye. Fata Mariko umunzanire kuko angirira akamaro mu bikorwa vyanje. Ariko … Lire la suite

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