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Jesus fills the empty jars of our life as he did it at the wedding of Cana

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 At Christmas we celebrated the Son of God who became man like us. God, in Jesus, comes at the wedding of your life. We can see in this Sunday’s readings. I marvel at the image of God that comes out from the readings, his determination and his way of loving-so human! You would say, he feels and speaks like us. It shouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, when we are truly human, we can see ourselves in him. Because we are made in his image and likeness.

I shall get this done
What strikes us is, there where he says, in the first reading: “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her vindication shines out like the dawn…” Indeed, don’t we react the same way when something urgent weighs on our heart? And we won’t rest till it’s done.
What is the main preoccupation of God ? The well-being of his people. He wants them to regain confidence in themselves and get back on their feet. It is new life he wants for them,

signified by giving a new name. In the Bible, a new beginning in life is signified by a new name. Indeed, aren’t we looking for a new beginning of some kind in our life too? Well, that is God’s plan for you and me. If only we too can take part in God’s determination to do good for someone in need. Even if things didn’t always go smooth for the people of Israel, but God didn’t forget to whisper on her ear a word of comfort and love so that she doesn’t lose heart. This time, it’s with you God has a « tête à tête », to assure you.

Our life: a weeding of Cana
If our relationship with God is compared to conjugal love, then, we can appreciate that the mission of Jesus is precisely to help us re-establish our intimacy with God. Then, we can wonder no more to see that the first sign, as John calls the miracles, that Jesus performs is at the wedding of Cana.  At such ordinary, human event -Jesus is present. Nothing is so ordinary to be empty of God’s presence. It’s through ordinary events of our daily life that Jesus comes to meet us. And what happens at Cana expresses, perhaps, the situation in which he finds humanity.

They have no wine
Wine signifies joy, ambiance of celebration. So you can appreciate what it means to run short of wine at the wedding; it’s like things just go flat. What a shame, for the couple! But God has promised in the first reading, he will not abandon his people to such desolation; the couple won’t be left to embarrassment -Jesus is there. He changes water not only into abundant wine, but also of superior quality. In him we have not only abundance of joy but also true happiness, beatitude.

Jesus, at the wedding of your life
We know moments when we too lack wine, when we lack joy of living ; the moments when we fear embarrassment. So what do we do when the wine runs out? What do we do when the thrill is gone? What do we do when the passion fizzles? What do we do when the faith fails? What do we do when health degenerates? We know what it means for the wine to run out.  Sooner or later in every situation, in every relationship, in every type of human pleasure, the wine runs out. Our family, so dear to us, one day is gone. Divorce or separation may come, when the romance disappears and the harsh realities set in. Our friends, with whom we’ve shared so many enjoyable times, slowly drift away. Our college days, so exciting, are soon ended. Our profession, perhaps challenging and rewarding, one day, too, comes to an end. Youthfulness slip through our fingers as we have to contend with the trials of aging.

Many look for substitutes, only to find themselves disappointed once again because the wine will also run out. ‘Running away’ is no solution too. Mary shows us the way.  The strength of Mary’s faith is when she tells the servants to follow the instructions of her son. We run to Jesus with faith that he can do even the impossible, even outmatching the miracle of transforming water into the wine. Mary teaches us to come to him in humble submission, ready to listen to what he has to tell us, even though it may go against our better judgment. So, when the wine runs out, don’t attempt to brew some more, and don’t run out. It’s not over. The best wine has been saved for the last – it is Jesus. Jesus came to give us new life; not just a quick fix for all our problems. Jesus came to give us himself, His Body and Blood, new life, eternal life, overflowing … grace upon grace…

Happily, Jesus is there; if only we can have the courage of presenting to him our empty jars and let him fill them. However, it goes with listening and obeying his word, “Do whatever he tells you”, Mary tells the servants. Yes, listen to his word, and your jars of your life will be overflowing with wine.
My thoughts and prayers go to all those, particularly couples, whose jars are empty, in one way or another. By the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may they have them filled with wine that brings new fervour to relationship. And for us all, that we may be servants who know to step forward and fill jars for others.

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